Red ginseng Heritage

One Drop per Root, Patented Red Ginseng Oil Production of CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng involves 100% contract-cultivated ginseng, over 290 types of tests, and finally the touch of a strictly selected master craftsman. Donginbi 1899 line is infused with valuable red ginseng oil and holds 7 red ginseng oil patents, representing the craftsmanship of 1899 Tech. View products

Defense Essence

Strengthening Skin Barrier

This daily anti-aging line filled with the powerful regenerative energy of Red Ginseng and RG Ginseno-Biome™ presents a firm, contoured and bouncy skin. View products

Power Repair

Intensive Anti-aging

Red Ginseng Power Repair strengthens natural energy of the skin with high-enriched red ginseng concentrated with 1899 technology, to deliver healthy firmness. It finely restores youthful skin through Donginbi’s heritage ingredient that has become more complete with 100 years of history, red ginseng extract and saponin. With wrinkle improvement by precious red ginseng oil produced one drop per root, and beautifully lifted skin that is replenished with rich red ginseng energy, your skin can experience a healthier and firmer condition View products

Moisture and Firming

Intensive Moisturizing

With excellent moisturizing layer of moisture energy and Moist Cera RG™ of Red Ginseng condensate Premium high moisturizing line to care for deep moisturized glossiness and healthy skin texture View products

Hydra Bounce


A moisturizer line that moistens and firms skin with the Red Ginseng hyaluronic acid TM, available only online View products

Suncare | Cleansing | For men

Suncare line with powerful UV Protection and anti-aging benefit
Cleansing line with a mild, refreshing effect
All-in-one moisturizing line for Men View products